VEG out with Vilms exists to encourage and teach others how to eat healthy, nourishing, plant-based cuisine, and how to l.ive a vegan lifestyle.

The Garden

“When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.

– Minnie Aumonier

From my heart to yours…

Living a vegan lifestyle and all of its pleasures has inspired me to grow my own food, in my own backyard.

Every spring, I plant a food garden (some flowers, too) that feeds my family from July to October (sometimes longer, depending on the Colorado weather). If I store and freeze my harvest, some of it will last until February. I am still learning, but it has been a great experience and something I will continue to do as long as I am physically able.

Bumble Bee on a Marigold
Kale & Chard
Marigolds & a Light Harvest

I’ve planted tomatoes, green beans, peas, peppers, summer and winter squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, cucumbers, pumpkin, carrots, parsnips, onions, potatoes, kale, chard, a variety of lettuce and leafy greens, annual and perennial flowers, and all kinds of herbs.


Sweet Peppers
Green Beans & Peas
Zucchini & Summer Squash
Green Bean Harvest

Every year, I look forward to planting bright yellow and orange sunflowers. They inspire me to live vibrantly, and as the symbol of veganism, they remind me of why I live vegan and how much my health and lifestyle has improved over the years.

September Harvest
Yellow Sunflower
Wisteria Vine
I also love woodworking!

Gardening has grounded me (pun intended). I’ve learned a deeper appreciation for my home on my small plot of land on this planet. I’ve learned that no matter what life throws at me, my garden is always there to welcome me, sustain me, nourish me, or comfort me. It reminds me of how incredibly beautiful (and fragile) nature is and how I must do my part in protecting it. The meal creations as a result of this yearly gardening endeavor are especially tasty and appreciated.


Massive Squash Harvest (Gotta love it!)

For vegan recipes from the garden, be sure to subscribe to the blog!

Grow a vegetable garden!

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