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Green Smoothies

When I first started drinking green smoothies, I had no idea what I was doing! My goal was to radically improve my health. Over the years, I had been suffering from uterine fibroids, chronic fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, asthma, intestinal problems, sinusitis, foggy thinking, and even depression. I researched the vegan diet and found some green smoothie recipes to follow. Eventually, I learned to create delicious smoothie concoctions myself; however, as I consumed the smoothies, I was surprised at how delicious they tasted, how easy they were to make, and that I did not taste the greens! The best part, however, was noticing how much better I started to feel each day, how I had more energy, how the extra weight came off easily, and how my ailments started to diminish!  Green smoothies were the perfect start to my goal of improving my health. They can help you alter your health as well!

What are Green Smoothies?

Green smoothies are all natural, blended, delicious, cleansing, nourishing, life-giving concoctions of raw fruits and vegetables. They are nutritional powerhouses because they contain all of the nutrients the body needs for optimal functioning. Green smoothies contain protein, minerals, vitamins, fats, and sugars. Fruit and leafy greens as the main ingredients in green smoothies also contain fiber, which aides in the elimination of stored toxins in the bowels and tissues. Consumed as a blended drink, the fiber is broken down and allows for better absorption in the body. The high water content in fruit found in green smoothie recipes naturally hydrates the body. Green leafy vegetables also contain chlorophyll, which is liquefied sun energy. Chlorophyll cleanses all our organs and destroys free radicals, pathogenic bacteria and fungi in our bodies, and has been shown to destroy cancer cells.

Green Smoothies

Those are fantastic advantages, but there are also even more! Here are 10 fabulous benefits of drinking green smoothies:

1. More Energy! A green smoothie a day fills your body with needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

2. Weight Loss. Because of the low-calorie and high nutrient value, green smoothies will actually cause you to lose weight.

3. Better Sleep. Drinking green smoothies regulates your body’s systems which will help you sleep better.

4. Disease Elimination. As nutritious healing concoctions, green smoothies are a cure for unhealthy eating habits.

5. Disease Prevention. As nutritional powerhouses, green smoothies help to keep illnesses at bay.

6. Inexpensive to Create. There are many combinations of green smoothies. All you need are a few healthy and organic ingredients, and you are on your way!

7. Unlimited Ingredients. You can make a green smoothie with just about any fruit or vegetable; you are at liberty to experiment for different tastes.

8. Quick and Easy Preparation. Green Smoothies take about 5-7 minutes to create.

9. Quick and Easy Clean up. The blender, cutting board and knife are cleaned in no time!

10. Wonderful Taste! Green smoothies are very tasty, and even though leafy greens are a significant part of any green smoothie, the beauty is you only taste the fruit!

As highly nutritious and delicious drinks, a green smoothie a day, I believe, will keep the doctor away!

Vilma Reynoso, www.VEGoutwithVilms.comVEG out: go Vegan, save Earth. be Good to animals.

Copyright, 2014, Vilma Reynoso

To learn how to make delicious and nutritious green smoothies, book a green smoothie class or host a class! Or, purchase my eBook: Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality.

What does it mean to detoxify?

Detoxification is the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins. The body begins detoxifying itself when we change our diet to a healthier one, thereby eliminating unhealthy foods that contain processed sugar, alcohol, caffeine, harmful chemicals, animal and dairy products, and when we exercise or discontinue a current habit. The body naturally wants to thrive at optimum health, so when all or part of the above list is eliminated from our lifestyle and replaced with whole vegan or raw vegan foods, the body is able to begin its “toxic clean-up.”

Why is it important to detoxify the body?

It is vital to detoxify the body. Most of the food that the average person eats these days is contaminated with GMOs (genetically modified organisms); excessive chemicals, high sugar, fat, and sodium, and is processed to the point where it is devoid of nutrients. We are also bombarded with harmful chemicals in the air we breathe and use harmful soaps, cleaners and household products, etc. A cleanse, fast, or detox four times per year gives the body a chance to rid itself of harmful substances that contribute to degenerative disease. Eating or drinking (via juicing or via smoothies) a whole foods vegan diet, with the emphasis on high raw foods, will give the body the conditions it needs for optimal detoxing and restoring.

What are some detoxification symptoms?

Since the body is releasing stored toxins into the blood stream and then expelling them through the elimination areas, some symptoms you might experience are the following:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach ache
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Skin eruptions or skin rash
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Clogged sinuses
  • Sore throat
  • Sore muscles
  • Bad breath
  • Fever
  • Irritability or moodiness
  • Gas
  • Cravings

Some people will only experience some of the above symptoms and others will experience all of them. The duration and extent of your symptoms depends on the level of your detox, fast or cleanse, your lifestyle prior to embarking on a cleanse, your emotional and mental health, and the extent of toxicity currently in your body. Keep in mind that these symptoms may come and go at various times throughout your cleanse. You might feel fantastic one day and run down and sleepy and have a headache on another. It is important to remember that you will most likely feel worse during part of your cleanse; this is normal and temporary.  The body is releasing years’ or maybe decades’ worth of stored toxins into the bloodstream; it then works extra hard to remove these toxins, and in the process, requires more energy. The body eliminates these toxins through the skin, liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs and mouth, so you WILL feel worse at times. Rest assured, however, that this is good because it means the body is doing its work to cleanse and heal! Stay calm and know that your body is doing what is designed to do. This is the most difficult part of any fast or detox. Stay the course, and you will be fine!

What can I do to feel better?

The important thing to remember is to allow your body to rest as much as possible. With rest, your body will be able to do what it does to detoxify. If you have to work during your detox, rest and limit social engagements after work. Be sure and drink lots of clean water as well! The more you relax mentally and emotionally, the easier it will be for your body to clean itself and the better you will feel.

Quick Tips for your Fast, Cleanse or Detox:

  • Drink 48 oz. of water throughout the day or more.
  • If you feel hungry, drink at least an 8 oz. full glass of water before eating. Many times we think we are hungry when the body is truly thirsty.
  • Think happy, inspiring and encouraging thoughts. When your mind is at ease and content, your body and emotions follow suit. Make it easier for your body to do what it needs to do!
  • If you feel tired and if you can, lie down and rest. It is okay to take a nap. The more rest you give your body when you feel tired, the better results you will have.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Reduce stress as much as possible during this time.
  • Meditating or allowing “quiet time” at least once a day for even just 10 minutes is highly recommended.
  • Exercising by walking, light running or yoga for 30 minutes for 3-5 days per week will help eliminate those toxins and allow you to feel better.
  • If you are working with a health coach or mentor, ask for help when you feel you need encouragement. They are there to help you through the rough times and want you to succeed as much as you do!
  • If you are working with a health coach, ask them for healthy recipes to help you with your cleanse.
  • Believe in yourself and in your body’s ability to detox, heal and transition to the new you!  

Vilma Reynoso,, VEG out: go Vegan, save Earth. be Good to animals.

Copyright, 2014, Vilma Reynoso

Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms

Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality is a short, concise and informational e-Book outlining the health benefits of green smoothies. The book includes my easy recipes that you will love! If you are curious about green smoothies, looking to improve your health or eating habits, are a seasoned vegan or raw vegan, these recipes will entice your palate!

A bit about me, Vilma Reynoso, and why I wrote this book:

As a child, I grew up consuming my father’s Argentine barbecues every Sunday. Usually ill with colds as a child, I suffered from chronic sinus problems, asthma and respiratory ailments, and was overweight.  As a young adult, I suffered with horrible PMS, fibroids, chronic fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, asthma, intestinal problems, sinusitis, foggy thinking, and even depression.  After evaluating my health and the deaths of both my parents due to heart disease, I became motivated to change my life, one step at a time. I slowly began to change my diet from meat-based to vegetarian, then to vegan, and finally to a mostly raw vegan diet. Healed from most of my ailments, I have never looked back!

Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35 Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality is one of several upcoming e-books. I have written it to demonstrate to you, the reader, how taking a small step, such as incorporating green smoothies into your daily routine, can dramatically enhance your life and health.

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It is essential for life and for cleansing. It is fabulous!


I just ended a 3-day water fast for the purpose of healing myself from a very unexpected bout with asthma. Prior to becoming vegan a few years ago, I was asthmatic and occasionally had attacks, but they stopped after I had changed my diet. So, it was a surprise to not be able to breathe again last week! I believe I became sick for a few reasons: physically, I had been eating some grains that did not settle well with me (the body does not do well with grains, but this is another blog), mentally, I am in the midst of drastically changing my life, and emotionally, I am healing from some old wounds.  I also was visiting family in a place with lots of hay and discovered that the hay had triggered my allergic reaction. I truly believe that if I had been in better shape physically, mentally and emotionally, the hay would not have triggered such a difficult reaction. Once back home, I decided a water fast was in store for me!

Fasting, especially with only water, gives the body a chance to focus on healing, which is what is it designed to do and does every moment of our lives. When we only feed the body water, it has the chance to use all the body’s energy to expel the toxins stored in its tissues, which contribute to disease. This, in turn, strengthens the body’s immune system. And once the immune system is reinforced, the human body is able to heal and thrive like it is designed to do. In addition to detoxification of the body, other benefits of water fasting include feeling rejuvenated, a healthier cardiovascular system, an improved skeletal and muscular system, increased will power and self-control, increased body sensitivity, more energy, weight loss (although, I do not recommend trying to lose weight by fasting), and a deeper spiritual connection.

My Water Fasting Journal: 

Day One:

October 21, 2013.

I had a tough time breathing today and rested by reading and sleeping on and off throughout the day. I could not believe how much I slept! I awakened throughout the morning just to drink my water and go to the bathroom and slept from 8 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., I think, without thinking twice about it! I felt exhausted. I think this was not due to the fasting, but just due to rest and healing that my body needed.  I was not hungry at all. I just kept drinking water and using the bathroom. My entire body ached all day long.

In the afternoon when I finally awakened, I read a fantastic book that I could not put down – Hand Wash Cold: care instructions for an ordinary life, by Karen Maezen Miller! It is rich in metaphor and brilliantly written. I had to blog about it on my other website, if you want to take a peek: This beautiful book reminded me to see my life, and all aspects of it, as the beautiful gift that it is, moment by moment. What is interesting is that I found this book on a discount table at a book store while on vacation last week at a point when I was away from the hay and breathing okay. I listened to my intuition and bought the book. I love it when life works this way!

I slept well through the night and had vivid dreams about my mother, who died many years ago. I cannot remember exactly what I dreamed about, but I remember being shocked when I awakened to know that they were only dreams. Many people experience vivid dreams while water fasting. Interesting.

Day Two: 

October 22, 2013.

Today, I had unexpected energy! I did not feel hungry all day and decided to put my energy to use. I wrote, read a new book, took a short walk, and ran one errand until I felt it was time to slow down and rest. I felt pretty good and kept my mind focused on water only. The thought of food did not enter my mind because I was determined to get through this. I drank about 8 oz. of water every hour during the day and less through the night while I slept like I did on day one. I felt light, calm and content, and noticed that my breathing was easier. My body did not ache like it did the previous day.  Day two down!

Day Three:

October 23, 2013.

As I awakened today, I felt weak, but I could take a deep breath for the first time in a week! Bravo! I felt calm and knew that my body was healing and felt it healing (hard to explain unless you experience a fast). I did not remember my dreams of the night prior. I knew I felt weak because of the detoxification occurring in my body, and this is normal. Some people have nausea or headaches, but I did not this time. I did, however, have aches and pains on several body parts, which is where the toxins are concentrated and need to be eliminated. I became more sensitive and aware of my organs. By the end of the day, it was time to break my fast, so I drank apple and pear juice that I juiced myself. When you do not eat solid food and only drink water for three days, fruit (whether juiced or in solid form) tastes FANTASTIC! I gained a greater appreciation for raw, organic and wholesome apples and pears!

I will continue to eat fruit (maybe a few leafy greens) for two days to get my body accustomed to eating again. Slow integration is better.

Although this was a very short fast (some fasts last seven to thirty, even sixty, days), it was a calming spiritual experience for me. It was important to not work and take it as easy as possible during these three days, and I feel that I accomplished that. I learned some things about myself and about the beauty of life via the two books I read during this “downtime.” For that, I am grateful. Oh, fabulous water!

Feel free to email or contact me if you should have any questions or comments on water fasting.

Below is a blog I posted last year. I am posting this again in hopes that it will encourage anyone thinking about detoxing.


I am in the process of finishing a colon, liver, gallbladder, and kidney detox this weekend. I am now relaxed after having taken a very comfortable and much needed Epson salt and Tea Tree oil bath to relax my muscles and aching body.  Last night, as I tried to sleep, I felt like I had been hit with truck or like someone punched every inch of my body several times. I also had clogged sinuses, a sore throat, a runny nose, and my face broke out. I felt very weak. These are all detox symptoms that are proof that I needed to cleanse my body. I released embedded toxic stones from my liver and gallbladder, painlessly, and have eliminated many toxins from my digestive system and blood, despite the discomfort. I will be doing this again, because all the stones are not released the first time one partakes in this type of cleanse.

Once again, like so many experiences in life, I was bewildered as to why I felt so awful. I learned, however, that I was not as “healthy” as I thought I was! Toxins are stored in our tissues all over our bodies, and especially, in the elimination organs – the liver, gallbladder, small and large intestines, and kidneys. If these toxins are not released naturally, they have no place to go, and are the causes or culprit behind all kinds of diseases.  Why is it important to release liver and gallbladder stones? Because they clog the liver, the body’s largest cleansing and distribution organ. If the liver is clogged, it cannot function properly. If it cannot function like it was designed to do, nutrients and waste are not distributed properly to the body for assimilation or removal. Thus, the beginning of disease.

What causes these organs to store stones? A diet full of processed sugars and fat, processed foods, animal and dairy products, chemicals found in many packed foods, a diet lacking nutrients, and basically the standard American diet, for starters.  These toxins are stored in our bodies for decades (as in my case). They need to be released, because even if one eats a healthy, plant-based diet, our organs are still carrying old toxins that wreak havoc in our bodies.

As I cleansed my liver of stones, I thought about all the toxic food that I had eaten over the last four decades, and knew that those toxins were going to be released soon. I embraced the experience, although not very pleasant. I now feel much lighter and “cleaner.” I also embraced emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, and other strong emotions that are stored in my liver (Awakening Intuition, Mona Lisa Schultz, M.D., Ph.D.), and I wanted to release those years of pain. I cried during part of this cleanse, and I really can’t say why, exactly. I was,  however, thankful that those tears were released, since they were a painful part of my past that had to be “let go” once and for all. So, essentially, my cleanse this weekend was not only a physical cleanse but also an emotional one. I am thankful that I was able to do this and look forward to the next one!

If you should have any questions about this cleanse, please feel free to contact me.